About Us


A boutique located in downtown San Luis Obispo, offering

incomparable style and beauty in unison. The unique combination

of clothing store and beauty parlor works to the advantage of

the customer. Quality retro inspired clothing and accessories

combined with professional stylist of a modern culture make

for a lasting impression. The stylist have been recognized

by industry leaders for years.  We are proud of their talent

and expertise in that they offer a wide spectrum of style,

from natural to bold and everything in between. The classic

style of clothing with a little rock n roll mixed in bring customers

back to SLO from all over the world.  Come by the boutique to

enjoy the fashion or call to schedule an appointment with one

of our stylist and give yourself the gift of beauty.


Open 7 days a week. 785 Higuera St. 805.547.0777

All questions please email us at sales@hepkatclothing.com